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Had a wonderful l day. Gardens were so besutiful. Dick told us a little history of the property. Very interesting. He made us feel very welcome. This is a must see.
- Carol G, Washington, August 2, 2017

What a wonderful morning we 4 sisters enjoyed at Glen Echo Gardens. Being teachers we very much enjoyed the history that was shared as well as the beautiful playing of the Pan Flute. Thank You!
- Karen S, Lummi, WA August 1, 2017

My son/ daughter in law got married there last year, what a most beautiful setting, it was so serene and appropriate. A lovely garden to just wander around, a complete escape from city life
- Isobel S, Thurso, Highland, UK Aug 30, 2016.

Jim and I visited on Saturday. The gardens are beautiful and the owners are delightful. The highlight was definitely Ave Maria played by Mr. Bosch on the pan flutes, and the other stories he regaled us with. Such a refreshing time in all the different gardens!
- Betty M, Bellingham, WA June 23, 2014.

This is a terrific place for weddings, parties, picnics, etc. A private botanic garden, the owners were helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!
- David S, Fort Collins, CO August 1, 2015.

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